What type of coffee beans does yuban use?

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Yuban coffee has been a staple of American kitchens for over 50 years. Known for its signature rich, bold taste, many coffee lovers are curious about the secret behind Yuban’s distinct flavor profile. In this article, I’ll break down exactly What type of coffee beans does yuban use and why they produce such a robust cup of coffee.

Yuban is a famous coffee brand known for its good coffee that caters to different tastes. Their range includes dark grill ground coffee like Yuban Dark Roast, which offers a bold and robust flavor. For a more traditional coffee experience, there is Yuban Original, with its smooth and balanced taste. Yuban also sources their coffee beans from Colombian farmers, ensuring the highest quality.

Moreover, they are Rainforest Alliance certified, indicating their commitment to sustainability. For those seeking convenience, Yuban offers coffee pods in various flavors like hazelnut. With a history spanning back to the 1800s, Yuban has won the hearts of coffee enthusiasts, like John Arbuckle, by providing exceptional coffee without compromising on quality or using harmful pesticides. 

An Overview of Yuban Coffee

Yuban is a popular mass-market coffee brand owned by the J.M. Smucker Company. Yuban was originally introduced in 1961 and advertised as a “premium” coffee sold at a lower price point than other premium brands at the time.

Some key facts about Yuban:

  • Flavor profile: Bold, robust, full-bodied taste. Medium acidity and brightness. Strong aroma.
  • Roast style: Medium grill that brings out more body and intensity.
  • Origins: Blended coffee from multiple origins.
  • Types of beans: A blend of high-quality Arabica seeds.
  • Grind: Primarily sold as ground coffee, not whole bean.
  • Brewing methods: Recommended for drip coffee or simple coffee makers.

So what exactly gives Yuban its signature bold, robust flavor that many have come to love? Let’s take a closer look at the types of coffee beans used.

What type of coffee beans does yuban use?

The key to Yuban’s rich taste is its use of select Arabica coffee beans from various origins.

Arabica seeds have a sweeter, more complex flavor profile compared to the more bitter, harsher Robusta beans. Arabica seeds generally have higher acidity and fruitier notes that give coffee a brighter, livelier taste.

By blending Arabica seeds from multiple origins and grill profiles, Yuban is able to achieve a smooth, heavy-bodied coffee that still has some acidity and flavor nuances.

Some of the Arabica bean origins likely used in Yuban include:

  • Central and South America (Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, etc.)
  • East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania)
  • Indonesia (Sumatra, Java)

These beans grow in different terrains and climates, producing their own unique flavors that contribute to the overall blend.

What type of coffee beans does yuban use

One of the key components of a well-brewed cup of coffee is the quality of the beans and their grill. Coffee roasters are instrumental in bringing out the rich flavors and aromas that we all love in our morning cup. A famous coffee roaster from South America has mastered the art of grilling coffee to perfection.

With their innovative techniques and patented process, they are able to seal in the flavor and create a taste reminiscent of a cozy campfire during the yuletide season. What sets this roaster apart is their commitment to sustainability and fair wages for farmers. They work closely with certification teams to ensure that no harmful chemical fertilizers are used, providing a superior coffee experience while caring for our planet and communities. 

Why a Medium Roast Brings Out More Body and Intensity

In addition to using 100% Arabica seeds, Yuban uses a medium grill  for their beans. This helps bring out a fuller body and more robust, intense coffee flavor.

Lighter roasts preserve more of the bean’s inherent bright, acidic flavors. As roasting progresses, it caramelizes the natural sugars in the beans, breaking them down and transforming the flavor:

  • Medium grills provide a balanced profile between light and dark notes. Acidity is softened but still present.
  • Dark grills minimize acidity and fruitiness in favor of roasted, burnt flavors. Bitterness increases.

By taking the beans to a medium grill, Yuban creates its signature boldness and rich body without going so far as to produce an overly bitter, burnt taste. The medium grill also allows some of the beans’ origin flavors to still poke through.

Arbuckle Cafe Roasters is a renowned company with a commitment to quality and sustainability. They carefully select the finest South American coffee seeds using responsible farming methods. Once harvested, these beans undergo a precise roasting process, enhancing their rich flavors and aromas. For those who like coffee with a bolder taste, the Yuban Blend offers a bold dark roast ground coffee, packed with intensity. For a milder option, the Yuban Medium blend is a great choice, offering a smooth and balanced profile.

With their wide range of options like the Yuban 100, coffee lovers can trust Arbuckle Cafe Roasters to deliver the perfect cup every time. 

Grinding the Beans for Optimal Flavor Extraction

You’ll notice Yuban is sold primarily as ground coffee, not as whole beans.

Pre-ground coffee allows for greater consistency and makes it easier for consumers to infuse. But it also leads to faster flavor degradation compared to whole beans.

To preserve aroma and flavor nuances as long as possible, Yuban nitrogen flushes their coffee cans. This removes oxygen to prevent oxidation and staleness.

Grinding the Beans for Optimal Flavor Extraction

Yuban grinds their coffee to a medium size. Too fine, and the grind size can over-extract and make the coffee bitter. Too coarse, and it won’t extract enough solubles. The medium particles optimize contact with water for full-bodied extraction.

This careful selection process has led to an excellent cup quality, accounting for 70% of total coffee production in El Salvador.

Yuban Uses an Approachable Blend For Mass Appeal

As a mass-market brand, Yuban aims for an enjoyable, drinkable coffee rather than nuanced flavor profiles tailored to coffee purists. Their blend incorporates beans from various origins to create a smooth, mellow, easy-drinking coffee.

By sticking to high-quality Arabica seeds and a medium roast, Yuban delivers a coffee with rich body and intensity but without excessive bitterness. The use of pre-ground beans infuses consistency and accessibility for the everyday coffee drinker. This is related to how different types of coffee can affect the froth, texture, and creaminess, so it’s not just an issue of taste.

In the end, Yuban’s specific blend of beans, roast level, and grind size all combine to produce its signature bold, robust coffee experience that has made Yuban a household name for over 50 years. While not complex, it’s a dependable, enjoyable cup.

In the 1860s, coffee was commonly stored in a canister on the kitchen counter, ready to be roasted on a wood stove. Kraft Foods introduced their iconic brand of coffee in 1905, offering a unique coffee roast that became a household name. Today, coffee can be easily brewed with k-cups for convenience and freshness. The canisters may have a glaze to preserve the aroma and flavor of the coffee inside.

Key Takeaways

Yuban uses a blend of high-quality Arabica beans from various origins for a smooth, heavy body.

  • A medium roast brings out rich coffee flavor but preserves some acidity and origin character.
  • Grinding the beans to a medium size optimizes extraction and flavor for drip infusing.
  • Their approachable blend aims for mass appeal with drinkable, bold coffee taste.

Roast coffee has a rich history. Arbuckle patented the first fully bodied roast coffee in the 19th century. The founders, John and Charles Arbuckle initially offered it to their guests and as a gift. Today, this brand is owned by Kraft Foods. I still remember the excitement of opening a fresh bag of their coffee, knowing it could be ground to provide a delightful cup of Joe.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to coffee, I prefer a infuse that is free from the harmful effects of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, without any bitterness. Using a percolator, it must also provide a full-bodied flavor without compromising on its ecologically-sensitive production. If a coffee meets the standards that the Rainforest Alliance requires, I’d definitely buy it as it ensures a sustainable and delicious cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What countries does Yuban source their coffee seeds from?

Yuban sources their beans from the major Arabica coffee growing regions which include Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. Top origins likely include Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Sumatra.

Does Yuban use Robusta beans in their blend?

No, Yuban utilizes 100% Arabica coffee seeds. Robusta beans have a harsher, more bitter taste that would clash with Yuban’s smooth, rich flavor. Some brands use Robusta to cut costs, but not Yuban.
Diving into the world of Caturra or SL34 beans can reveal even more about this unique variation of Coffea Arabica.

Why doesn’t Yuban sell their coffee in whole bean form?

For convenience, Yuban sells primarily pre-ground coffee targeted for the mass market. Whole beans would require consumers to grind the coffee themselves. Their widespread availability as ground coffee makes Yuban accessible to the everyday coffee drinker.

Is Yuban shade-grown or sun-grown coffee?

Yuban does not specify whether their coffee is shade-grown or sun-grown. Both growing methods are common for Arabica coffee depending on the region. Yuban likely uses a blend of both shade-grown and sun-grown beans.

Does Yuban roast their coffee to a dark roast?

No, Yuban utilizes a medium roast that provides a bold, robust taste while still preserving some acidity and origin flavors. A dark roast would produce an overly bitter, burnt coffee taste.


Yuban has earned its reputation for full-bodied, intense coffee taste through careful selection of bean varieties, origins, and roast styles. By relying on high-quality Arabica beans, bringing those beans to a medium roast, and grinding them to an optimal size, Yuban delivers a smooth yet bold cup of coffee.

While simple and approachable, their blend clearly resonates with mainstream coffee drinkers who have made Yuban a trusted American brand. So next time you infuse a pot of Yuban and savor that rich, aromatic flavor, you’ll know the secret behind their signature taste.

Arbuckle Coffee Roasting is famous for their quality container of coffee, made from the best South American beans. With a touch of sugar and egg glaze, it delivers a flavorful and rich taste. Maxwell House, on the other hand, is known for their popular canned coffee.

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