What type of bean is used in Costa character roast?

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Written By Anh Dung Pham

What type of bean is used in Costa character roast? At the heart of Costa’s character roasts is a meticulous selection of high-quality arabica coffee beans they use sourced coffee beans that come from specific origins around the world.

By carefully controlling when the bean is roasted, every step of the journey from the coffee plant to the coffee we serve the perfect cup of coffee using a coffee maker, Costa draws out the intrinsic flavors of each arabica coffee bean variety to create four perfectly balanced blends full of smooth, nuanced taste. 


  • Costa character roast is characterized by its unique flavor profile, which is primarily derived from the bean it utilizes.
  • This roast predominantly uses Arabica beans, a choice that defines its rich and smooth taste.
  • These beans are not only appreciated for their quality but also for the distinct aroma they lend to the roast.
  • As coffee enthusiasts explore the depth of flavors in their cup, it’s the Arabica beans that often stand out as the defining factor in the Costa character roast.

Overview of Costa Coffee

Founded in London in 1971, Costa Coffee has grown with the support of the Costa Rican government from a single shop into the UK’s largest coffee shop chain with a long history of coffee, unlike Starbucks’s blonde roast coffee. Their commitment to sourcing only the best coffee beans has remained constant throughout their growth.

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Costa prides itself on direct relationships with growers where beans are grown of coffee beans – the common cafe, sustainable farming practices, and in-house roast profiling. This bean-to-brew mastery is what allows them to craft the taste and flavor of specialty Costa coffee bean roasts brimming with flavor consistency and personality.

What type of bean is used in Costa character roast?

As a coffee producer with over 15 years of experience sourcing, tasting, and blending global coffee, I’m frequently asked about the secret behind the unique Character Roasts of Costa Rican Coffee Beans. After carefully studying their blends, I can confidently say that the key lies in Costa’s meticulous selection of high-quality Arabica beans paired with their skilled coffee roasting process.

In particular, Costa uses 100% Arabica coffee beans for their Character Roasts, sourced from specific origins to highlight the intrinsic flavors of each region. Let’s take a closer look at why Arabica is so critical to the taste and aroma of these specialty blends.

The Origin of Costa’s Signature Character Roasts

In 2009, Costa introduced their character type of coffee roast concept featuring unique blends tailored to different taste preferences. This flavor-focused approach was pioneering in the commercial coffee world. 

the origin of costas signature character roasts

Explore the different types of coffee beans used in Costa’s character roasts. Each meticulously designed recipe combines select coffee bean origins and roast styles to create four distinct experiences:

  • Vivendo Blend: Light and bright coffee with delicate citrus notes
  • Finca Blend: Rich and smooth coffee with caramel sweetness
  • Mocha Italia Blend: Dark and intense coffee with a bittersweet dark roast profile.
  • Traditional Italian Blend: Classic espresso roast with bold roasty notes

By offering diverse flavor options beyond one-size-fits-all coffee, Costa Rican coffee allowed customers to choose a coffee roast aligned with their tastes.

High-Quality Coffee of Arabica Beans Used in the Blends

To craft such nuanced blends, Costa Rica only sources the top 1-2% of raw coffee beans from specific terroirs. These high-altitude farms yield coffee beans that beans are known for their intense flavor complexity.

high quality coffee of arabica beans used in the blends

Popular origins include Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Each imparts its own characteristics:

  • Colombia: Well-balanced with nutty caramel sweetness
  • Brazil: Heavy-bodied with low acidity and chocolate notes
  • Indonesia: Full, earthy aroma and silky mouthfeel
  • Kenya: Bright citrus and blackcurrant fruit tones
  • Ethiopia: Distinctive floral and tea-like bergamot zest

By tailoring ground coffee profiles to each origin, Costa coaxes out the inherent flavors of the coffee beans to create the perfect coffee. Medium roasts highlight fruit and acidity, while darker roasting develops richer, coffee flavors.

Costa’s Special Processing Methods

Unlike arabica and robusta beans at Starbucks, in addition to origin, Costa also uses special processing methods to maximize popular high-caffeine coffee flavors using a coffee machine:

Honey Process

Drying the raw coffee beans with some fruit still attached heightens sweetness and complexity. The sugars from the coffee cherries seep into the coffee bean.

Pulped Natural

The fruit is removed but the mucilage is left on. This ferments which develops fruitiness.

These innovative techniques complement the lush flavors already present in Costa’s hand-selected beans.

Crafting the Character Roast Blends

By artfully blending origins and roast levels, Costa delivers the signature experiences coffee lovers crave in coffee production, aiming to make their traditional Italian blend the most popular coffee in Europe.

Vivendo Blend

A medley of Central and South American coffee beans lightly roasted to preserve acidity and fruit-forward flavors.

Finca Blend

I am balancing smooth Brazilian coffee beans with livelier African origins for rich, chocolatey tastes.

Mocha Italia Blend

A full-bodied espresso roast was fusing Indonesian and Brazilian beans for an intense, bittersweet profile.

Traditional Italian Blend

A classic Italian-style blend of Brazilian, Colombian, and Indonesian coffee beans roasted dark to yield bold, roasty depth.

No other major coffee chain or coffee shop offers such tailored flavor options curated for diverse palates.

Best Ways to Brew Costa Character Roasts

To highlight their flavors, Costa recommends using Costa express machines:


The Mocha Italia and Traditional Italian darker roasts are perfect for espresso’s thick, velvety crema and rich mouthfeel.

Batch Brew

The standard batch brew allows the nuances of the lighter Vivendo and Finca blends to shine.

Iced Coffee

Served over ice, Vivendo makes a refreshing iced coffee, while Finca adds a caramel kiss.


Splashed into steamed milk, the chocolatey Finca and nutty Traditional Italian roasts make stellar lattes.


No matter your preference, there’s a Costa character brewing to suit your taste. Next time you visit a Costa Coffee location, bring your palate on an adventure through the diverse world of coffee and buy Costa coffee to find a great cup of coffee.

Their passionate pursuit of flavor will delight anyone who appreciates exceptional specialty for a great cup of coffee, and explore Costa’s character roasts. Let’s enjoy the richness of Costa’s coffee at home.

So next time you crave an extraordinary coffee experience, try one of Costa’s specialty character roasts. Their passion for sourcing and roasting incredible beans shines through in every sip.

What are the four character roasts?

Vivendo, Finca, Mocha Italia, and Traditional Italian. Each has unique tasting notes from light and bright to bold and roasty.

Does Costa use Robusta beans?

No, only 100% high-altitude Arabica beans are used in Costa to craft the nuanced character roasts.

Where are the beans sourced from?

Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, and other premier coffee-growing regions. Direct trade relationships secure high-quality coffee green beans.

What drinks feature character roasts?

Espresso beverages, batch brew coffee, iced coffee, and lattes can all highlight each blend’s personality.

If you have any inquiries or other questions about Costa’s character roasts or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us directly at the Lido18.com website. We are always ready to assist and meet your needs.