What Is A Caturra Coffee?

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As I sip my freshly brewed cup of Caturra coffee, I can’t help but marvel at the sweet and fruity flavors that dance across my tongue.

For many coffee connoisseurs, Caturra is one of the most sought-after coffees because of its unique characteristics and delightful taste.

In this article, we will explore what is a Caturra coffee, its typical flavor profile, how to brew it and roast it properly.

Key Takeaways

  • Caturra coffee is a type of Arabica bean that was developed in the 1930s in Brazil and Colombia.
  • It is known for its hardiness in drought conditions and high yields, making it an ideal choice for coffee farmers.
  • Caturra coffee has a small, rounded shape and short stature, making it easier to hand harvest and quick to ripen cherries.
  • The flavor profile of Caturra coffee ranges from citrusy to nutty, with notes of fruit, nuts, and chocolate.

What is a Caturra coffee?

What is a Caturra coffee?

Caturra coffee, a varietal known for its rich and nuanced flavors, is a mutation of the Bourbon coffee plant, and is often associated with Tekisic coffee, a specific region in Honduras where this particular variety thrives.

You may be wondering what a Caturra coffee is. It is a type of Arabica bean, developed in the 1930s in Brazil and Colombia from a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety.

It is prized for its hardiness in drought conditions and high yields, which has made it popular among many commercial producers. Caturra beans are small with a rounded shape and short stature, yet they produce bright, lively acidity when brewed into coffee.

Their flavor profile can range from citrusy to nutty depending on how they are roasted. This makes them an excellent choice for espresso-based drinks as well as pour over or filter brew methods.

In short, Caturra coffee, a popular variety, is known for its distinct characteristics such as its medium body, bright acidity, and sweet flavor notes, making it an intriguing subject of exploration for coffee enthusiasts who are also eager to uncover the secrets of Pacas coffee.

Caturra coffee beans have done much to help growers around the world increase their crop yields and quality standards while minimizing environmental impact. Transitioning now to talk about characteristics of caturra coffees…

Characteristics of Caturra Coffee

Characteristics of Caturra Coffee

It’s a variety of arabica that’s known for its short stature. Caturra coffee, sometimes referred to as Dwarf Bourbon, is one of the most popular varieties of Arabica and has been cultivated since the early 1900s.

It is a higher yielding plant with an upright growth habit and dense foliage. The beans are bright, acidic and full-bodied with notes of fruit, nuts and chocolate.

This fine coffee has an excellent aroma profile which can be attributed to its thick skinned cherry-like berries. Its small size makes it ideal for harvesting by hand and also allows for quick ripening of the cherries which gives it its unique flavor characteristics.

Caturra coffee is sought after by specialty roasters around the world due to its unique attributes. As such, it offers many opportunities for those who enjoy drinking high quality coffee or taking part in cupping competitions.

With careful cultivation methods and proper processing this variety can produce exceptional results when brewed properly which will leave you wanting more!

Brewing Caturra Coffee

Brewing Caturra Coffee

Brewing the right cup of coffee requires careful consideration of factors such as grind size, water temperature and brewing method. Caturra is a unique variety of Arabica coffee that must be brewed with specific techniques to bring out its unique flavor characteristics.

Grind SizeFiner than regular Arabica, but not as fine as espresso
Water Temperature175-185ºF (79-85°C)
Brewing MethodPour over or French press recommended for optimal results

When brewing caturra, it’s important to pay attention to these elements in order to ensure the best possible cup profile.

With the right technique and equipment, caturra can create an incredibly flavorful and satisfying cup. To further explore what makes caturra special, let’s look at its typical cup profile.

What is the typical cup profile of Caturra

Caturra’s cup profile typically features bright, complex flavors along with a smooth body. It can be characterized by its lively acidity and a sweet flavor that comes from the ripe red cherries that produce it.

Notes of citrus fruits such as grapefruit or orange are also found in this coffee variety. The cup can have floral aromatics, often with hints of cocoa and honey.

Caturra is a versatile bean that adapts well to different brewing methods including filter, espresso and cold brew. Its flavor can be adjusted depending on the roast degree used.

Overall, it is an easy-to-drink coffee which makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for something lighter but still flavorful.

With its pleasant aftertaste, this coffee variety stands out among others in terms of quality and flavor profile.

Roasting Caturra brings out its unique characteristics even further creating a distinctively delicious cup of coffee.

Roasting Caturra

Roasting Caturra brings out its unique characteristics, creating a distinctively delicious cup of coffee.

Flavor & AromaBody & AcidityAftertaste
Fruity & FloralBalanced & SmoothCreamy & SweetDelicate Floral Notes
Nutty & CocoaMedium to Full-BodiedTangy CitrusLingering Cocoa Finish

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Caturra coffee and other types of coffee?

Caturra is a variety of Arabica coffee, distinct from other types due to its sweet flavor and bright acidity. It’s also easier to grow than other Arabica varieties, making it more popular in many coffee-producing countries. Its shorter stature helps reduce labor costs and the thin skin makes it more resistant to disease.

How long does it take to grow a Caturra plant?

It typically takes between 3-5 years for a caturra plant to reach maturity. During that time, the plant must be carefully monitored to ensure proper growth and health.

What is the best way to store Caturra coffee beans?

“Store caturra coffee beans in an airtight container at room temperature. As the old adage says, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so it’s best to keep them fresh as soon as possible. Proper storage will ensure the highest quality of flavor and aroma for your brew!”

How much caffeine does Caturra coffee typically contain?

Caturra coffee typically contains 1.2-1.4% caffeine by weight, which is slightly higher than average for specialty coffees. It also has a bright flavor profile, making it a popular choice among coffee drinkers.

Are there any health benefits to drinking Caturra coffee?

Studies suggest that drinking caturra coffee may offer health benefits. For example, a recent case study showed that regular consumption of caturra coffee was linked to improved cognitive function and better moods. Therefore, caturra coffee could be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.


In conclusion, the Caturra coffee is truly a remarkable experience. Its unique flavor profile is unlike any other and its delicate nuances will leave your taste buds dancing for days.

It’s like nothing else you’ve ever tasted before, and it’s sure to exceed all of your expectations. Plus, the roasting process helps bring out even more complexity in the flavors of this extraordinary coffee bean!

So if you’re looking for something special that will blow your mind away then try out some Caturra coffee – it won’t disappoint!

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