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Written By Anh Dung Pham

Strongest Coffee Type” – a term that has fueled my coffee journey for years as a seasoned coffee connoisseur. After over 20 years of obsession with coffee, people often ask me – what is the strongest type of coffee you can drink? As a certified coffee master, I’ve tasted everything from light teas to rocket fuel shot of espressos – the most popular coffee in Europe.  


  • When it comes to the strongest coffee type, many experts point to Robusta Coffee Beans, which contain almost double the caffeine compared to Arabica varieties.
  • These beans predominantly thrive in low-altitude regions like Africa and Indonesia.
  • Another contender for the title hinges on the brewing method. For example, Espresso, a method that utilizes pressurized water extraction, delivers a bold and concentrated shot.
  • Brands such as Death Wish Coffee boldly claim their blend, combining Arabica and Robusta beans, as the pinnacle of strength.
  • However, it’s essential to note that dark roasts, while favored for their bold flavor, might lose some caffeine during the roasting process.
  • Ultimately, the strongest coffee type often boils down to personal preference, with some prioritizing flavor intensity over caffeine content.

Caffeine Content – The Strongest Coffee Type

In my expert opinion, there are a few key factors that contribute to strong, intense type of coffee. In this exploration, I draw upon my extensive experience to unravel the world of coffee’s mightiest contenders.

Join me on this aromatic adventure as we delve deep into the realms of espresso, robusta coffee, arabica coffee, and cold brew coffee.

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The biggest determinant of strongest coffee in the world is the amount of caffeine it contains. This stimulant is what gives coffee its energizing kick! Here are some key points about caffeine and each type of coffee strength:

  • Caffeine content is measured in milligrams per cup. Generally, the higher the mg, the stronger the coffee.
  • Brewing coffee methods influence caffeine levels. Methods that extract more solubles from the coffee beans produce higher caffeine content coffee.
  • Dark roasts coffee beans actually contain less caffeine than light roasts coffee. The longer types of coffee beans are roasted, the more caffeine coffee burns off.
  • Robusta coffee beans have almost twice the caffeine of Arabica beans (100-200 mg vs 40-80 mg per cup). But arabica and robusta beans coffee always have a different coffee tastes and moderate amount of caffeine in a cup instant coffee.
  • Smaller cup sizes of espresso coffee concentrate caffeine, increasing strength. Espresso is stronger than drip coffee, regular coffee and many coffees.

So if maximizing caffeine intake is your priority, you are looking for a coffee has the most caffeine, go for lighter roast – strongest coffee at Starbucks with perfect coffee to water ratio, Robusta beans caffeine content brewed in small concentrated servings.

Starbucks also offers several options for those who prefer a less intense coffee experience. One popular choice is the “Blonde Roast”, which is known for its lighter flavor profile and lower caffeine content compared to their other roasts. This may be the weakest Starbucks coffee.

Lighter roast coffee of Robusta type coffee is probably the coffee with the highest level of caffeine and it’s “the world’s strongest coffee”.

Intense Flavors and Full Body

While caffeine in coffee provides energy, coffee’s robust taste also makes it strong. Some flavors contain more caffeine creating an invigorating, intense cup:

  • Smoky, charred – Heavily roasted beans produce a potent, smokey flavor. Dark French coffee roast is a prime example.
  • Spices – Beans with hints of cardamom, nutmeg and cedar have a lively, stimulating taste. Prominent in some Indonesian beans.
  • Fruity, winey – The acidic brightness of fruity beans provides a vibrant mouthfeel. Typifies many Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees.
  • Heavy body – Full-bodied coffee with an almost creamy texture feels dense and strong. Common in South American ground coffee beans.

If you want to taste impact beyond just caffeine punch, try beans with these lively flavors and rich body.

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Brewing Methods That Extract Maximum Flavor

Certain brewing techniques can produce an especially robust, potent one cup of coffee:

  • Moka pot – Stovetop percolation under pressure extracts dense coffee oozing with flavor oils.
  • French press – Long steeping unlocks the full spectrum of bean flavors for a gutsy brew.
  • Cold brew – Time and cold temperatures gently extract an ultra-strong coffee concentrate.
  • Turkish coffee – Ultra-fine grind allows thorough extraction for thick, murky coffee.
  • Espresso – High-pressure extraction concentrates bean solubles into a short, powerful shot.

I suggest trying these methods with bold beans to experience maximum intensity and complexity. But brace yourself!

MethodStrengthFlavor Profile
Moka PotHighSmoky, oily
French PressHighRich, gritty
Cold BrewMedium+Smooth, chocolatey
TurkishVery HighThick, bitter
EspressoVery HighPure, concentrated

This table summarizes how different brewing techniques influence coffee’s final strength and taste, to the most suitable for many coffee drinkers has interest different high caffeine content.

Recap – Characteristics of a Strong Brew

After years of pushing coffee to its limits, these are my top tips for making the cup of coffee the strongest:

  • Choose the type of coffee beans with the highest caffeine content – light roasts of Robusta beans
  • Use smaller cup sizes of coffee like espresso to concentrate caffeine
  • Opt for beans with intense, lively flavors like fruit, spices, and smoke
  • Brew with methods that extract oils and solubles completely like moka pot and French press
  • Mix and match high-caffeine beans with full immersion brewing for maximum strength

Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll be wide awake with every sip! Personally, I like balancing intense coffee with milk or treats to craft my perfect caffeine experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What coffee has the highest caffeine?

Death Wish Coffee claims over 728 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, using a blend of Robusta beans and high extraction brewing.

Does darker roast have more caffeine?

No, light roasts actually retain more caffeine since less is burned off during roasting. But dark roasts taste stronger.

Is espresso stronger than coffee?

Espresso has more concentrated caffeine since it uses less water, but drip coffee has higher total caffeine by volume.

Can you die from too much caffeine?

Extremely high amounts of caffeine can potentially cause serious health effects. But death is rare from coffee consumption alone.

Is robusta coffee dangerous?

Robusta has higher caffeine than Arabica, but is not inherently dangerous. As with anything, caffeine should be enjoyed in moderation.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just beginning to embrace the world of java, this guide promises to enrich your coffee knowledge and elevate your morning ritual to extraordinary heights.

Hopefully, this intel will help all my fellow coffee fiends optimize their favorite morning ritual. Never stop exploring the possibilities of coffee strength and flavor! If you have any questions or any difficulties, please contact Lido18. We are happy to accompany you in any situation