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I work as a professional Barista. With 8 years of experience, I have contributed my talents to renowned coffee establishments such as the Illy Coffee system, Highland Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and NYDC. My expertise in crafting exquisite beverages is complemented by my refined palate and acute sense of smell. Notably, I had the honor of serving coffee to Tony Blair, the Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Since 2020, in my role as a coffee quality supervisor, I have overseen the meticulous standards of prestigious hotels like Sofitel Saigon, Park Hyatt Regency Resort Da Nang, and Intercontinental Nha Trang. In 2021, I have served as a judge in the Barista contests organized by AutoGrill Group, held at international airports nationwide.

I am also a Co-Founder of and a dedicated lecturer at Huong Nghiep A-Au. I possess extensive expertise and a deep understanding of the art of being a Barista. My invaluable experience and innovative concepts have allowed me to craft captivating lessons that spark the flames of passion within my students. Collaborating with a vibrant team of young and dynamic barista lecturers at Huong Nghiep A-Au, I have been instrumental in equipping aspiring coffee enthusiasts with the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in the global Barista community.

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Pham Anh Dung

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