5 Amazing Organic Cold Brew Coffee Brands You Need to Try

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While waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop, you may have noticed the growing popularity of organic cold brew coffee. In 2023, there were around 373 million cold brew coffee orders, a 27% increase over the previous year!

So what’s so special about it?

Chemistry-free cold extraction offers a unique aroma and taste that traditional hot coffee methods cannot replicate. And since it’s relatively easy to make at home, it’s no wonder the category trend is gaining traction.

Let’s find out exactly what chemistry-free coffee is, why you should try it, and which five of the best chemistry-free cold-making extraction companies you should try.

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Key Takeaways

  • Organic cold brew coffee has steadily risen in popularity among discerning drinkers.
  • At the root of this preference, health-conscious individuals often believe that consuming organic cold brew coffee may have health benefits due to the absence of harmful pesticides.
  • This belief is further reinforced when considering the brewing process of organic cold brew, which maintains the integrity of organic beans, ensuring consumers get the purest flavor.
  • Beyond the cup, organic farming practices not only contribute to the quality of the brew but also bolster soil health and biodiversity on coffee farms.
  • As a mark of trust, organic certification bodies stringently ensure that growers meet specific standards before their beans can be labeled organic.
  • This commitment to quality and sustainability has even trickled down to local establishments; many local cafes and bistros are now beginning to source and serve authentic organic cold brew options.
  • The overarching sentiment is evident in consumer reviews and feedback, where numerous individuals highlight the unmistakable distinctive taste and quality of organic cold brew.

What is organic cold brew?

Chemical-free cold brew concentrate is made from non-chemically treated coffee that has not been exposed to synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

This coffee is typically grown in soil conditions that are free of these chemical compounds and preservatives, resulting in a clean cup of this beverage that is healthier and better for the environment.

In order to be labeled as a chemistry-free product, it must also pass strict quality controls.

Traditional this beverage that is not chemistry-free does not have the same level of quality and purity as chemistry-free cold brew. This means that when you drink non-chemistry-free this beverage, you run the risk of consuming potentially harmful chemicals.

Why is organic cold brew Coffee a good choice?

Unfortunately, pollutants are damaging the environment, so using chemistry-free bottled beverages supports a more sustainable way of producing coffee. Over 2.5 million hectares of land in Central America have been cleared to grow sun-grown bottled beverages alone.

Bottle beverage grown in the sun is particularly problematic because it destroys the plant diversity that is necessary to feed numerous insects and animals.

  • Because chemistry-free cold brew is made with fewer chemicals and less processing, it is healthier for both you and the environment.
  • By choosing chemistry-free bottle beverage grounds, you can also support sustainable farming practices that benefit agriculturists.
  • To produce traditional bottled beverages in large quantities, farmers are often exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals for long periods of time.
  • Additionally, because isn’t more acidic, chemistry-free cold-making extraction can be easier on the stomach for those who are sensitive to acid.
  • Without the added acids, cold brew is a great choice for anyone suffering from acid reflux or heartburn.

Many like the smoother taste of cold brew bottle beverages more because it is not as bitter as a regular beverage.

With a longer shelf life than regular bottled beverages, a chemistry-free cold brew can be an excellent choice for busy days when you don’t have time to make coffee. Once it’s ready, you can leave it in a sealed container on your kitchen counter for up to a week.

This means less waste from using bottled beverage filters or single-serve beverage makers. Beverage pods alone are responsible for around 576,000 tonnes of waste every year.

5 Non-Chemically Cold Brew Coffee Brands to Try

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at some of the best chemistry-free coffee brands to try. Each of these five brands offers safer and healthier alternatives to traditional cold brew.

This list of chemistry-free cold brew brands offers something for everyone, including those who like to make their own cold brew at home, ready-to-go cold brew beverages, and easy instant cold brew— it’s brewed.

5 Non-Chemically Cold Brew Coffee Brands to Try

Dairy-Free Non-Chemically Cold Brew Drinks From Rise Brewing Co

  • With multiple award-winning products, Rise’s bold mission is to offer chemistry-free products with no harmful ingredients. Rise cold brew **beverages** use botanicals that are USDA organic, non-GMO, and glyphosate-free, and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Rise’s products are already brewed and shipped standard with best international coffee brewing practices, in both nitro cold brew cans and multi-serving cartons. Each is dairy-free and uses oat milk made from no-chemistry oats.
  • In addition to the flavored cold brew **options**, conscious consumers can also buy Original Black Nitro Cold Brew **beverage**.
  • Rise offers many options for **beverage** lovers. Their chemistry-free cold brew is available at select grocery stores or can be purchased online. Prices range from around $3 per single can to $50 for buying extra strong cold brew cartons in bulk.

Cocoax’s Organic Instant Cold Brew

  • Founded by single mom Joan Hall, CocoaX’s mission is to bring delicious cocoa to espresso in homes across the country.
  • To this end, she only uses ethical suppliers who do not use sprays with harmful chemicals during the cultivation process. This commitment to ethical sourcing aims to satisfy conscientious consumers and promote sustainability.
  • With these sustainable values in mind, CocoaX has brought some of the best-tasting and highest-quality espresso blends to market. Their process of making coffee prioritizes quality and environmental responsibility.
  • Search no further for a delightful cocoa-infused espresso experience. CocoaX Cold Brew has a strong nutty taste and requires only ice and water. With no extra prep time, you can enjoy a ready-to-serve cold drink in seconds.
  • CocoaX’s cold beverage can be purchased for around $16 per pouch, and they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure you’re delighted with your purchase.

Discover Cold Brew

  • The LGBTQ+-owned Explorer offers award-winning, fully customizable coffee. Each concentrate contains four caffeine options: none (0-2 milligrams), low (50 milligrams), regular (100 milligrams), and extra (150 milligrams). You can also add taste elixirs like peppermint or vanilla to give your cold brew even more individuality and fragrance.
  • The washed single-origin coffee from Ethiopia comes from fair trade and ethical sources. Explorer’s partnership with multiple farmer coalitions is equitable, provides fair wages, and helps support sustainable development in their communities.
  • If you’re looking to switch to a more ethical and bold taste coffee experience, Explorer’s offerings will not disappoint.
  • Plus, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with their pot of choices, unlike many non-organic alternatives on the market.

Fidalgos Fair Trade Chemistry-Free Cold Brew

  • Once a small coffeehouse, Fidalgo Coffee has spread its love of good coffee worldwide. By carefully selecting the best coffee beans from Central and South America, Fidalgo offers coffee that is both full-bodied and rich in flavor.
  • Fidalgo’s Centro Cold Brew is specially roasted for the slow steeping process required in cold brewing. This coffee is ideal for anyone who likes to make their own cold brew!
  • Their coffee is fair trade, chemistry-free, and shade-grown. Additionally, Fidalgo, through its Underground Coffee program, offers a second chance to people living in underserved communities by providing them with employment and a way out of continued incarceration.
  • Fidalgo cold brew coffee is available for around $14.50 per bag.

Usda Certified Organic Coffee Cold Brew From Wandering Bear

  • A company dedicated to providing its customers with dairy-free and vegan coffee, Wandering Bear was founded by two friends who wanted to make the best cold brew coffee on the market.
  • Wandering Bear’s strong and mild cold brew coffees use only chemistry-free coffees from Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua and are available in flavors such as vanilla, raspberry mocha, hazelnut, and more.
  • They even offer caffeine-free cold brews! Each variety is pre-made and ready to enjoy.
  • Additionally, the packaging is 100% recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about creating unnecessary waste. Wandering Bear’s organic cold brew ranges from about $11 per case to $50 when purchased in bulk.
  • Be sure to check out my Wandering Bear Cold Brew review.

Tips for making your own chemistry-free cold brew coffee

If you decide to make cold brew coffee at home, here are a few tips to make it perfect and enjoying cold brew the right way:

Experiment with different brands: Each variety has a unique flavor profile, and trying new brands will help you figure out what you like best.

  • Try steeping the coffee for different lengths of time: Cold brew coffee should steep for at least 8 hours, but you may find it prefers steeping for 12 or even 24 hours.
  • Try different water ratios: Using more or less water may make the cold brew stronger or weaker. So experiment with different water ratios to find one that suits your savour.
  • Consider storing your cold brew at room temperature: Although it may seem obvious to put it in the fridge, many coffee lovers recommend storing it at room temperature for the best flavor.
  • Use fresh coffee: The older your coffee grounds get, the more flavor they lose. Be sure to use fresh coffee for the best cold brew.
  • Store your coffee in an airtight container: If you plan to keep the cold brew for longer than a few days, store it in an airtight container to keep it drinkable.

We hope you’ve found a great option to try next time you’re shopping for the perfect cold brew! If you want to learn more about non-chemically coffee and what it means, read this blog post on the 10 Best chemistry-free Coffee Brands.

Tips for making your own chemistry-free cold brew coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your organic cold brew coffee stay fresh?

It depends on a few factors such as the storage method and the quality of the products, but typically it can stay fresh for up to two weeks.

Can I Use Regular Coffee Products for Making Cold Brew Coffee?

Yes, you can use regular coffee products to make cold brew coffee. The key is to ensure that the products are of high quality and preferably chemistry-free. This will help maintain the desired flavor and health benefits.

Does Organic Coffee Have More Caffeine Than Regular Coffee?

Yes, organic coffee generally has more caffeine than regular coffee.
The longer brewing process extracts a higher concentration of caffeine, resulting in a stronger and more energizing cup of coffee.

Can I Add Milk or Sweeteners to chemical-free Coffee for cold brew?

Yes, you can add milk or sweeteners to chemistry-free cold brew coffee. It’s a matter of personal preference.
Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect balance of flavors that suit your savor buds.

Is Organic Coffee for Cold Brew Less Acidic Than Regular Coffee?

Yes, chemistry-free coffee cold brew is less acidic than regular coffee. The cold brewing process reduces the acidity, resulting in a smoother and less bitter savor.
You’ll enjoy a milder flavor.


Making coffee at home can be an enjoyable and cost-effective way to satisfy your caffeine cravings. With the use of a French press or coffee machine, you can easily experiment with different recipes to find the perfect cup.

Whether you prefer a strong, concentrated brew or a lighter, shelf-stable iced coffee, the options are endless. If you’re more of a tea person, you can also use the same methods to brew a refreshing pitcher of iced tea.

And for those looking for convenience, brands like Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Chameleon Cold, Bizzy, and Nitro offer ready-to-drink coffee and espresso options that can be kept in the refrigerator for whenever you need a pick-me-up. 

Sweet! You’ve finish reading my article without skip any thing, so now you know all about non-chemically coffee for cold brew! Take note, you’ve learned about the advantages of cold brew coffee and mastering home cold brew methods.

You also understand the importance of finding the best chemistry-free coffee beans for a delicious cold brew. Plus, you now know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee.

Finally, you’ve explored the various flavor variations that organic coffee for cold brew has to offer. With this knowledge, you’re ready to enjoy the smooth and refreshing savor of chemistry-free coffee for cold brew anytime you want! We hope that you’re looking for a direction to solve your confusion.

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