Hario Cold Brew Filter In Bottle Fic-70 Guide

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We’ve all heard of cold brew coffee, but have you ever tried making it with the Hario Cold Brew Filter in Bottle FIC-70? It’s an incredibly easy way to make cold brew that tastes great and is convenient for on-the-go.

This device lets you brew cold coffee with only coffee ground and water. It has a sleek design that resembles a wine bottle, and it comes in different colors to suit your preference. To use it, simply put coffee ground in the strainer, set it on the spout and slowly pour in water.

Then, refrigerate the jar for about 8 hours and enjoy your cold brew. You can order this cold brew bottle online from Hario’s website or other retailers and get free shipping. The shipping is fast and secure, and you can add other items to your cart as well.

In this guide, we’ll explain the advantages of using the FIC-70, how to make cold brew with it, tips for getting the best flavor from your beans, as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions. So let’s get started!

Overview of the Hario Cold Brew Filter in Bottle FIC-70

Overview of the Hario Cold Brew Filter in Bottle FIC-70

The FIC-70 comes in different colors, such as mocha, and is made of heat-resistant glass that can withstand up to 120°C. It is designed and manufactured in Japan by Hario, a leading company in coffee equipment.

You’ll love the convenience of this – it’s an easy, efficient way to make delicious cold press coffee! It offers a great alternative to traditional hot making methods, allowing you to create cold extraction and iced coffee without having to worry about compromising taste preferences.

The FIC-70 is equipped with a special strainer that allows for a smooth and rich flavor even after several days of refrigeration. This unique feature results in a more consistent product that can be enjoyed over time.

Plus, its sleek design and compact size make it perfect for storing in your fridge or taking on the go. All this makes the FIC-70 an ideal choice for anyone looking for a simple yet effective way to enjoy cold brew coffee.

With all these advantages of the FIC-70, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to this convenient making method as their preferred way of making iced coffee! Not only does it offer superior flavor and quality, but also portability and convenience that can’t be beat.

This filter-in coffee bottle from Hario. This is a 650ml glass carafe with a built-in filter that allows you to brew coffee with cold water. So if you’re looking for an easy and delicious way to make cold brew coffee at home or on the go, then look no further than this device!

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Advantages of the FIC-70

Advantages of the FIC-70

Enjoy excellent extraction and ease of use with the FIC-70 – a fabulous strainer in a bottle. This cold brew system comes with several advantages that make it easy to create a delicious cup of cold brew coffee.

Brewing TimeShorten time to make cold brew coffee without sacrificing flavor or qualityBrews in as little as 10 minutes. Can be left to steep overnight for stronger flavor.
Coffee GrindsFinely ground coffee is not necessary for successful brewing results and can help save money on expensive specialty grinders.Coarse mills are preferred for best results, but medium mills can still yield good results. Cold water extracts less acidity from the beans, making it easier to use lower quality grounds without compromising taste.

The FIC-70 makes it easy to craft flavorful batches of cold brew with minimal effort – no wonder it’s become so popular! With its advantages in mind, let’s move onto how you can make perfect cold brew using this strainer in a bottle system.

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Steps to Make Cold Brew coffee with the FIC-70

Making cold brew with the FIC-70 is simple – just follow a few easy steps and you’ll have delicious coffee in no time! To begin, add desired amount of ice cubes into the bottom of your FIC-70 bottle.

Then add the appropriate amount of freshly coffee to the strainer depending on how strong you want your brew. After that, secure the strainer onto the bottle and slowly pour water over it, making sure not to overflow.

The ideal time for cold brew is 12-14 hours so make sure to set a timer or remember to check back periodically throughout that period. Finally, remove the strainer and enjoy your freshly drink!

With these making techniques, you can easily make perfect cold brew with your FIC-70 every time! Now that we know how simple it is to make cold brew with our FIC-70s let’s move on to some tips for making the best cup possible.

One way to enjoy your cold brew coffee is to make it Turkish style. To do this, you need to add some cardamom pods and sugar to the coffee grounds before brewing. This will give your coffee a rich and aromatic flavor.

You can also heat up your cold brew coffee in a small pot and serve it in small cups. This is how to make turkisk cold brew with the Hario Cold Brew Filter In Bottle Fic-70.

Tips for Making the Best Cold Brew

Tips for Making the Best Cold Brew

To ensure an optimal cup, here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  • Making Techniques.
  • Use freshly coffee for the best flavor.
  • Experiment with different ratios of coffee to water to find your preferred strength.
  • Choose coarsely ground coffee for the best mug.
  • Flavor Preferences:
  • Add spices, fruit, or herbs during making, like cinnamon and orange peel.
  • To add sweetness without sugar, try adding vanilla extract or brown sugar syrup.
  • Balance out more bitter flavors by using half parts regular and decaffeinated beans.

These tips give you a great starting point for creating your own perfect cup of cold brew with the Hario FIC-70 bottle strainer. But don’t forget about cleaning and maintenance of the FIC-70 afterwards – that’s just as important!

Cleaning and Maintenance of the FIC-70

Caring for your coffee equipment is essential to keep it running like a dream – don’t forget the FIC-70! Keeping this clean and well maintained will ensure that you get the best tasting coffee every time.

To reduce sediment build up, always make sure to use fresh coffee and rinse out the strainer after each use. It’s also important to avoid clogs by using a slow pour when adding water or concentrate to your FIC-70.

The following table outlines some of the key elements of cleaning and maintenance for the FIC-70:

AreaCleaning MethodMaintenance Tips
Glass BottleHandwash in warm soapy water; air dry upside downReplace bottle if cracked or chipped
Mesh StrainerRinse under running water; air dry on paper towelsReplace strainer if bent or stretched out of shape
Silicone Seal + Lid PartsWash with mild soap; air dry on cloth towelCheck silicone seal regularly for damage/tears, replace as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cups of cold brew can the FIC-70 make?

We’ve seen a growing trend in cold brew coffee popularity, with its flavor enhancing making techniques. It can make up to 8 cups of delicious. This amazing guide provides detailed instructions to help you get the most out of your experience.

Is the FIC-70 compatible with other cold brew systems?

We’ve experimented with different making methods and recipes using the FIC-70. While it isn’t designed to be compatible with other cold brew systems, it works well for our needs.

How long can cold brew made with the FIC-70 be stored?

We’ve been cold brew masters for years, so trust us when we say this: follow our recipes and storage tips, and the cold brew you make with the FIC-70 will stay fresh for days! Now that’s something to brag about.

Are there any special ingredients needed to make the best cold brew with the FIC-70?

We recommend adjusting the mill size and cold brew timing to get the best cold brew with the FIC-70. Experimenting with different ingredients can help you make a delicious cup of coffee.

Does the FIC-70 require any special tools for cleaning and maintenance?

We’ve found that the FIC-70 doesn’t require any special tools for cleaning and maintenance – just careful making techniques and a few simple cleaning tips. We like to think of it as a delicate piece of machinery, and with the right care, it will provide delicious cold brews for years to come!


We’ve come to the end of our guide. It’s no wonder that this product is gaining popularity – according to recent studies, cold brew coffee has been reported as being up to 67% less acidic than regular coffee.

Brew Filter In Bottle Fic-70 allows you to experiment with different brewing variations.

This is a great addition to your pour over coffee guide, as it allows you to experiment with different coffee beans and brewing methods.

With its easy-to-use design and superior flavor, we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great cold brew experience. We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful in getting started with the FIC-70! Thanks for reading!

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