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As tantalizing as a cup of freshly brewed coffee, the world of Bourbon subvarieties is filled with a fascinating variety of beans. From Arusha to Mayaguez, each bean offers its own unique flavor and aroma.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic blend or something more subtle, there’s something here for every palate. Let me take you on a journey through these aromatic gems to discover the best that Bourbon has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Bourbon subvarieties can be categorized based on their ingredients, aging process, and time aged, leading to distinct taste profiles.
  • Rye-based bourbons have a spicier taste, while corn-heavy ones are smoother and sweeter.
  • Longer aging results in more woody flavors in bourbon.
  • Each bourbon subvariety offers a unique and delightful experience, making it worth exploring and savoring.

What is Bourbon Subvarieties

Bourbon subvarieties are variations of the traditional bourbon whiskey with unique flavor profiles. These different types of bourbons coffee can be categorized by the ingredients used to make them, such as grain type, aging process and amount of time aged.

Rye-based bourbons have a spicier taste than wheat-based ones, while corn-heavy varieties tend to be smoother and sweeter. The aging process also affects the flavor profile, with longer aging periods producing more woody flavors and notes that can linger in your mouth for longer.

Each bourbon subvariety has its own distinct taste, making it an exciting drink to explore. As you experiment with different types, you will find one that fits your palate perfectly.

Exploring the various subvarieties of bourbon, including its connection to the distinct characteristics of Mayaguez coffee.

With each sip comes a new experience and an appreciation for the hard work put into making these special whiskeys! All this leads into the next section about Arusha Coffee beans without having to say “step.”

Arusha coffee beans

You’ll love the unique flavor of Arusha coffee beans – a subvariety of bourbon. From its bright acidity to its intense fruit notes, Arusha beans offer something special. Here’s why:

  • Its flavor is distinct from other varieties, with notes of citrus, spice and floral aromas.
  • It has an unusually high sugar content which creates a sweet taste.
  • It’s grown in high altitudes with rich soil and ideal climatic conditions.
  • It produces a light body cup that is well balanced and smooth on the palate.

Arusha beans are sure to be an unforgettable addition to your coffee repertoire! Transitioning now to French Mission, another subvariety of bourbon…

French Mission

French Mission coffee beans

The French Mission holds the key to understanding the uniqueness of Bourbon Pointu coffee. Enjoy the unique flavor of French Mission coffee beans, a subvariety of bourbon with bright acidity and intense fruit notes. This varietal is grown in South America and more specifically in the mission region of Ecuador.

It has an overall balance that makes it stand out from other varieties. Its cup profile has a sweet aroma with smooth body, floral notes, and hints of lemon citrus acidity. The finish is clean with honey sweetness and subtle black tea tones.

French Mission is often described as having a ‘crisp’ or ‘refreshing’ taste, making it perfect for cold brewing methods or enjoyed as an espresso shot. Overall this variety offers complexity and depth that will surely delight any coffee lover’s palate!

With its unique flavor profile, French Mission coffee beans are sure to be a great addition to any daily routine or special occasion. As you sip your cup, savor each note as you transition into exploring Jackson Coffee Beans.

Jackson coffee beans

Jackson coffee beans

Experience the unique flavor of Jackson coffee beans, a variety with sweet caramel notes and hints of dark chocolate. This bean is a part of the Bourbon subvariety, which is renowned for its balanced cup profile and sweetness.

The Jackson variety originates in the highlands of Guatemala where it was discovered in 1976 and has since become popular among specialty coffee roasters. It has a medium body that offers an initial sweetness followed by delicate dark chocolate notes, making it an ideal choice for espresso-based drinks.

Additionally, Jackson beans are noted for their low acidity and smooth aftertaste that lingers on the palate. With its subtle yet complex flavor profile, Jackson coffee beans provide a delightful experience to those seeking a flavorful cup.

As you savor this special selection, transition into exploring K20 coffee – another distinctive option from the Bourbon family.

K20 coffee

Discover the unique flavor of K20 coffee, a member of the Bourbon family that provides an intense and aromatic cup. It is categorized as a specialty coffee, known for its quality and superior aroma. K20 is grown in tropical climates such as Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Here are some notable traits of this variety:

  • Full body with notes of cocoa, hazelnut, and sweet honey
  • Medium acidity with smooth lingering finish
  • Excellent balance between sweetness and bitterness

This delightful cup will satisfy any coffee enthusiast looking to explore new flavors. Onward to ‘Kenya Selected’, another extraordinary bean from the Bourbon family.

Kenya Selected

In Kenya, selected coffee beans are the focus of exploration, delving into bourbon mutations and unique flavors.

Savor the complexity of Kenya Selected, a distinct member of the Bourbon family that offers a rich and flavorful cup. This coffee is grown in one of the most esteemed regions in East Africa, the Central Highlands of Kenya.

The combination of high altitude and loamy soil creates an environment that fosters sweet, juicy flavors with notes of citrus and black currant.

Flavor ProfileAcidityBody
Citrus/Black CurrantBright/SharpFull-bodied/Smooth Finish

The aroma is floral yet fruity, while earthy tones mingle with its bright acidity for a balanced cup. Its full body provides a smooth finish that lingers on the palate long after drinking.

Altogether, Kenya Selected has all the hallmarks of an exceptional coffee – complexity without bitterness and sweetness without saccharinity. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular choice among specialty coffee aficionados seeking out their next great cup!

With this delightful experience still fresh in mind, let’s transition into exploring another subvariety from the Bourbon family – ‘Bourbon Mayaguez’.

Bourbon Mayaguez

Immerse yourself in the unique flavor of ‘Bourbon Mayaguez’, a coffee with a complex profile that’s sure to delight. It is a subvariety of Bourbon, known for its bright acidity and fruity notes such as green apple, strawberry, and citrus. Its body is rich and creamy, and it has an intense aroma with hints of cocoa and nuttiness. Furthermore:

  • It carries a long-lasting aftertaste
  • Its flavors develop well during the roasting process
  • It presents no bitterness or astringency when brewed
  • Its cup quality remains consistent even in varying climatic conditions

Bourbon Mayaguez beans have a high yield rate thanks to their hardy nature. This makes them ideal for commercial growing operations. With its robust character, this coffee provides an excellent base for espresso blends and works well as single origin too.

An unforgettable experience awaits – dive into ‘Bourbon Mayaguez’ today! Transcending the boundaries of flavor, let’s explore n39 coffee next.

N39 coffee

N39 coffee offers a unique experience, and delving into its flavors involves understanding the distinctions between yellow and red bourbon varieties.

Experience the unique flavor of N39 coffee, a specialty blend with fruity and nutty notes that will delight your taste buds. This blend is made with Arabica beans sourced from Central America, giving it a smooth and balanced flavor profile that has been known to captivate even the most discerning palates.

Its full-bodied aroma carries hints of dark chocolate, almonds, and hazelnuts that linger on the palate after every sip. The velvety finish makes this blend a favorite among those who prefer a bolder cup of coffee without any bitterness or harshness in their drink.

As an added bonus, N39 coffee also provides an energy boost due to its higher caffeine content when compared to other types of coffees. To fully enjoy this special variety of bourbon-based coffee, let it steep for at least four minutes before serving for maximum flavor extraction.

With each sip you take, you can savor all the nuances of its delightful flavor as you move onto the next topic: SL35 Coffee.

SL35 coffee

Treat yourself to SL35 coffee, a specialty blend from Central America that will leave you wanting more. This delicious variety of bourbon is known for its strong aroma and bold flavor. The beans are grown in the highlands of Guatemala and Honduras on small family farms. They have been dried and processed with care to ensure a consistent quality product.

SL35 coffee has a unique taste that is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or as part of an evening relaxation ritual. Its full body, intense flavor, and smooth finish make it stand out amongst other coffees. Enjoy this special blend anytime you need to take a break from your day-to-day routine and savor every sip!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Bourbon Subvarieties differ from other coffee varieties?

Bourbon coffee is distinct from other varieties in its nutty, chocolatey flavor. Its beans are grown at higher altitudes, giving it a unique sweetness and complexity. It has been selectively bred over decades to produce these qualities, making it an ideal choice for connoisseurs.

What is the best way to brew Arusha, Jackson, K20, Kenya Selected, Bourbon Mayaguez, N39, and SL35 coffee beans?

I recommend using medium-fine grinds, a slow pour rate, and a lower brewing temperature for all of these beans. Adjust the time and ratio as desired to find your perfect cup.

What is the flavor profile of each of the Bourbon Subvarieties?

Arusha has citrus and floral notes, Jackson has a nutty profile, K20 has cocoa and berry nuances, Kenya Selected has a sweet-tart flavor, Bourbon Mayaguez is fruity and bright, N39 is chocolaty and balanced, Sl35 is earthy.

What is the history behind the Bourbon Subvariety coffee beans?

I was curious about the history behind the coffee beans subvariety of bourbon. It’s believed to have originated in Kentucky in the early 1800s when local farmers began growing and drying their own beans to use for flavoring spirits.

Are Bourbon Subvarieties more expensive than other coffee varieties?

Generally speaking, coffee varieties that have been classified as bourbon subvarieties tend to be more expensive than other types of beans. To illustrate this point, a pound of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans is priced at around $20 while a pound of Bourbon variety beans can cost up to $25.


As I reflect on the different varieties of bourbon coffee available, I’m reminded of a story my grandmother used to tell me – about how each bean is unique and special in its own way. It’s like looking into a kaleidoscope; no two beans are ever exactly alike, yet when you put them together they create something beautiful.

Just like with people, it’s the differences that make us all so special. Bourbon subvarieties offer an amazing array of flavors and aromas that add complexity and depth to any cup. Each variety has something unique to offer for every coffee connoisseur out there!

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