“I wish there was a cookbook for life, with all the recipes that tell you how to approach it the right way! ... I know now she will tell me: "You learn wrong! ..." No, what I was going to tell her, and she knows it best of all, is that are the recipes that one invents ones that work best of all! ...”

Our kitchen offers a wide choice of selected raw materials, some of which are at km 0 to offer our guests the best products. Our chef Adrijan personally takes care of all the preparations to make the dishes taste lovable and sought the view to give our customers an experience that remains imprinted in the mind.

We try to please all palates, combining the tradition of our land to a touch of creative cuisine and respecting even those who always comes closest to vegetarian cooking, creating a menu specially dedicated to anyone.

Our starters include original and delicate combinations like tuna tartare with green apple and limes or octopus on chickpeas.

The first courses offer a wide selection of fresh seafood such as spaghetti allo scoglio, a classic that never fails, or the noodles with crab or linguine with lobster.

Sea bass, sea bream are the masters of our seconds, paired with zucchini velvety, cream of fennels or more simply with grilled vegetables in season.

Our pizzas are sourdough, the result of an experiance of many years, we use the highest quality flour and blend it with organic flour and soy to make pizza digestible and delicate.

The ingredients are always fresh, we use products exclusively orgine Italian and controlled and seasonal vegetables. 

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